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The place where freedom lives. We are Breaking Barriers - Breaking Chains and Breaking Limitations with effective prayers one person at a time. 


A Preacher, Prayer Leader, Writer and Mind Coach. The Founder of Breaking Limitations.  She gave her life to Christ in August 2006. Shortly after giving her life to Christ, she experienced a near death accident which resulted to her leaving the church for a few years. She then rededicated her life to Christ in November 2010. Since then she has diligently and wholeheartedly devoted her life to Christ and serving the people with her assignment.

With her strong passion to see people succeed in different areas of life, she follows her mandate to aid in breaking the limitations preventing many from living a peaceful, joyful and prosperous life with prayer, biblical teachings and mindset transformational techniques and teachings. She firmly believes that everyone was created with a unique purpose assigned to their life and we are to be change agents and impact the world with our gifts, talents and assignments. However, we can only make an impact as we ought to with the right mindset.

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Breaking down self-imposed barriers is the greatest challenge you will ever face. Face them you must and conquer them.

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